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We aim to provide the methods and means for servant leadership to flourish, to grow communities of practice, where changemakers share ideas, activities, and outcomes. 1o1.org is where creative, curious minds come together to direct the appropriate resources needed to manifest a promising future. Our vision is to resource the dreamers and action-takers committed to our planet’s social evolution. To make this possible, we partner with leading storytellers and changemakers from all walks of life.

History and experience teach us that positive, transformative growth flourishes at the intersection of Truth, Justice and Beauty.

At 1o1.org, we consult the three pillars of Plato’s litmus test to ensure that any action we take is ethical and aligned with our core value


Does this really work? Does it address a symptom or cause? Does it hold up to scientific/logical scrutiny?



Is this ethically sound? Does it do no harm? Do those served grow as individuals?



Is this efficient? Is it creative/dynamic? Is it graceful, elegant, and aesthetic?

Romanus Berg


Meet Romanus

Born in Guatemala City to German parents, I have helped launch, grow & transform citizen sector startups from $330K to $65MM, including a historic initial public offering of $1.8B.  I am a big fan of servant leadership and have practiced it across multiple languages, disciplines, and roles for over 30 years. In that time, I have apprenticed as a board member, CIO, COO, and CFO with organizations like Ashoka, Oceana, and currently, the HistoryCo:Lab.

New realities require new language and frameworks. Dream & build with us.

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