The world connects not by molecules. It connects through ideas, hopes, faces, dreams, actions, stories, and memories. -Barrie Sanford Greiff supports entrepreneurs from all walks of life practicing the art & science of meaningful creation.

About is a resource for changemakers to learn, expand horizons, exchange resources, and make our shared vision a reality.


Adopt a Socratic learning method for servant leadership built on the foundation of truth, justice, and beauty.


Demonstrations and resources to realize shared potential and growth.


Get the right help as you grow.


Pledge your support toward a liberated and empowered future.

Peer-Led Agency for Changemakers

We are building an interconnected and just world. We do this by providing strategic advisory programs, mentorships, and online resources that help changemakers realize their greatest human expression. To bring this mutual vision to fruition, we require out-of-the box thinking.

Are you ready to be an agent of virtuous, exponential change?

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